Tasteful Fun: Wine Tasting Party Ideas

It is important to note that even adults like to have fun. Often this type of fun and pleasure can be obtained by throwing a party. Additionally, if the adults enjoy the tasting of wine, one of the pleasurable functions that can be either hosted or that one can attend is a wine tasting party.

Specifically, if an individual or couple is planning on hosting a wide tasting party, it is important to come up with some wine tasting party ideas that will add to the enjoyment of the experience. Therefore, it is important to know what a wine tasting party is and what some wine tasting party ideas that can be incorporated into this adult type of activity are.

Different Wine Tasting Party Ideas

A wine tasting party is a social gathering in which individuals utilize their wine tasting skills when sipping various wines. Those various wine tasting skills work in concert with the nose to smell the aroma or bouquet of the wine, the eyes in observing the wine for clarity and for sediment and then sipping the wine for flavor.

Additionally, the wine tastig event can focus in on either red or white wine or the wines that are being tasted can be from one particular geographical area. Examples of those geographical areas could be from the Napa Valley in California or from international wineries such as Spain, Italy, Australia, etc.

What Are Some Wine Tasting Party Ideas

In order to add to the enjoyment of the evening, the host or hostess may wish to incorporate some wine tasting party ideas. Also, in addition to the enjoyment, the added dimension that could be incorporated as a wine tasting party idea could be the added dimension of competition.

One such wine tasting party idea that could be part of a wine tasting is to have the guests bring their own unique bottle of wine. Then each of the wines are tasted by the guests and graded by the each of the individuals. The guest whose bottle of wine is rated as the best is then awarded a prize.

In addition, the opposite could occur. Specifically, the individual whose wine is rated the lowest would be awarded a prize. This prize could be a gag gift.

One other wine tasting party idea could be to disguise a particular bottle of wine and have each of the guests blindfolded. Then each of the party goers are asked to taste the wine. The competive angle to this idea is to award a prize to the individual who comes closest to identifying the wine and other predetermined characteristics of the wine.

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