All Bottled Up With Homemade Wine Bottles

Before bottle invention came into picture, Egyptians used to store wine in clay flasks called Amorphae, but there has been a problem with clay. The Clay blends in its own flavor to the wines making it to taste differently . Since then, Romans find a way to glassblowing, and then wine bottle .

Homemade wine bottles were made in various shapes and sizes ranging from cubes to the ever-so-popular sphere . Wine ferments equally on the side that’s why the bottle structure are into shape for what they are today. The original flavor of the wine is maintained on the bottle that’s why it has been used widely today. Homemade wine bottles has made a drastic stretch from the methods before .

Making your homemade wine bottles can be dangerous and tricky . You should be equipped with short courses or training before you attempt to make one, as this can be a risky hobby . Materials like bottle mold, special glass that comes in a stick called cane, goggles, blowpipe, and a kiln, a thermally insulated chamber should be provided . Wear your goggles and protective wares as a precautionary measures on making homemade wine bottles . Initially, you have to heat your glass inside the kiln . This is important because it will make the cane malleable for shaping . The homemade wine bottles process is aided by a mold for the bottle and blowpipe once the bottle is hot enough for you to shape. If you’re happy with the product of your shaping, let your bottle cool down. When you’re done, satisfied results can be seen after taking an extra long time for the bottle to cool.

Homemade wine bottles can be emphasized with engravings and labels on it when it has already cooled down to room temperature . You can build your own molds and make bottles of many shapes and sizes, including your homemade wine labels and homemade wines . Next thing you’re up for a venture in wine selling . Together with the bottle you designed is a cork to seal it off.

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